Panel / Sheet Semi-Automatic

Afosa is designed as a single and/or double-sided semi-automatic UV exposure system, including LEDs, for fine line resolution on liquid soldermask.

The machine is equipped with double drawers for high mix low and medium volume production.
It can handle all types of rigid or flex material, PCB, FPC, Photo Chemical Milling, Thin Film Photovoltaic, Touch Panel… for all processes.

Benefits & exclusive features

Semi-Automatic exposer dedicated to Soldermask / PSR

  • Innovative LedLight™ source
  • Panel size up to 610mm x 762mm / Up to 24" x 30"
  • Very accurate registration ; AW/Panel : ±12μm / 0.5mil
  • Automatic dual glass / glass tray
  • 4 CCD cameras fully automatic positioning
  • Auto-alignment re-check
  • Advanced High power and multiple wavelength light source dedicated to Soldermask / PSR
  • Best cost performance efficiency 

Afosa S LedLight™ SM/PSR Altix All Products Range

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Process Outer Layers & Soldermask / PSR
Exposure Area Up to 610mm x 762mm | Up to 24” x 30”
Resolution Soldermask : min. Dam 76µm | 3mil
Light Engine LedLight™



Panel Thickness 0.05mm to 6mm | 0.002” to 0.236”
Light Engine 3 LED Light source
LedLight™ - High power & multi-wavelength led light source
Collimation ≤ 1.6°
Soldermask / PSR For all types & colors of ink: green, white, blue, red, black…
Exposure Method Single side - Upper side exposure
Exposure Contact Soft or hard contact vacuum - CMI™
Alignment ±12μm | 0.5mil AW/Panel (copper pad fiducials)
CCD Cameras 4 cameras (upper side) - All movable independently
Throughput Up to 2 sides/minute for energy within 700mJ/cm2
Batch Changeover ≤ 4 minutes - Artwork change and cleaning, job setting update
Safety Safety light curtain
Double Drawers Same height for both operating trays


Process Inner Layers, Outer Layers & Soldermask / PSR
Exposure Area Up to 610mm x 762mm | Up to 24” x 30”
Resolution Dry Film: 15µm/15µm | 0.6mil/0.6mil (Line & Space)
Soldermask: Min Dam 50µm | 2mil
Light Engine LedLight™
ColliLight™ 5kW & 8kW

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