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Altix has been operating at the leading edge of technology since 1991.
Innovation after innovation, Altix has delivered hundreds of Contact Exposure units (with mask/artwork or glass mask) and recently, Direct Imaging units - with more than 500 machines currently producing every day, all over the world.

Altix was first to deliver double-sided, fully automatic Innerlayer (I/L), Outerlayer (O/L) & Soldermask (PSR) equipment, and the first to deliver fully automatic lines (panel to panel or Reel-to-Reel/Roll-to-Roll), fitted with its patented collimated ColliLight™ & LedLight™ UV sources, which replace conventional mercury lamps. More recently, Altix was first to introduce its semi-automatic & fully automatic Direct Imaging unit, associating a multi-wavelength technology (4 different UV LEDs spectrum) with DMD technology compatible with conventional dry film (or LDI) & liquid photo resist.

All Altix equipment can meet the most demanding High Resolution (HDI) state of the art electronic board design, along with perfect registration alignment - thanks to highly accurate CCD alignment and even partitioning exposure.

Definitively, Altix is recognized as a world leader for semi-automatic or automatic contact imaging systems and versatile Direct Imaging (maskless) for different markets segments, such as Printed Circuit Board (PCB), Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC), IC Substrate (IC), Photo Chemical Milling/Metal Etching (PCM), Photovoltaic/Solar (PV) and Touch Panel (TP).

Extreme adaptability, combined with technical leadership and field-proven solutions are our focus at Altix, all supported by a Customer Service team that strives to be efficient, helpful and friendly during each client interaction. Altix is always working hard to maximize our customer’s uptime and performance by using strong local support all over the world, which is enhanced by our tele-maintenance and remote technical assistance.

For your future contact printer or digital equipment needs, please allow Altix to be your outstanding business partner.

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