Quality Certification Programs


For constant improvement of Altix equipment, the "Altitude 10 888" Quality Certification Program has been developed in order to optimize Altix equipment quality & reliability, minimize installation time and improve Customer satisfaction.

Altitude 10 888 Quality Certification Program, driven by Customer Satisfaction defines rules in order to manufacture an error free product. In addition to this comprehensive program, effective real testings of the equipment are carried out to check the machine ability to produce according to the customer specifications.


In line with this concern for optimal product quality, Altix has obtained ISO 9001 certification since 1999.

Delivered by an independent organization, the ISO standard deals with quality control from design to delivery of products. Multiple control points are ensured throughout the manufacturing process to consistently provide products and services that meet customer expectations and comply with applicable legal requirements. Altix’ ISO 9001-2015 certification has been renewed by Lloyd's Register in 2021.



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