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Since January 2009 Automa-Tech™ became Altix. Altix place

After purchasing Automa-Tech™ Advanced Technologies assets and the registered trade mark Automa-Tech™, Altix continues to provide high-quality photolithography and Direct Imaging equipment for different industries.

Altix is recognized as a world leader for semi-automatic or automatic contact imaging systems and versatile Direct Imaging (maskless) for different market segments, such as:

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Flexible Printed Circuit (FPCB)
  • IC Substrate (IC)
  • Metal Etching (ME) or Photo Chemical Milling (PCM)
  • Photovoltaics/Solar (PV)
  • Touch Panel (TP)


Our product range is organized into two distinct categories :   


 Contact Printers

  • Acura, Fully-Automatic double sided exposer, dedicated to rigid and flex sheet to sheet process automatic double sided exposer
  • AcuReel, Fully-Automatic for Roll to Roll process


Direct Imaging 

  • Adix SA, Semi-Automatic Direct Imaging with high power UV LEDs and DMDs based equipment
  • Adix SA duo, Semi-Automatic Dual Table Direct Imaging with high power UV LEDs and DMDs based equipment
  • Adix CS/F, Compact - Island of Automation with Fully Automatic Double Side & Compact Standardized / Flip 
  • Adix PT/F, In-Line Automation with Fully Automatic Double Side & Pass-Through / Flip 
  • Adix RtR, Fully-Automatic for Roll to Roll process



The two ranges can handle all PCB processes: Innerlayers, Outerlayers, and Soldermask (PSR).

Furthermore, Altix provides worldwide technical assistance and service support through its Customer Service organization along with Agents & Distributors.

Altix R&D, Manufacturing, Sales & Services organization is located in Val-de-Reuil, France, with subsidiaries in USA, China, German-speaking countries (DACH) & Eastern Europe.



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