Altix, originally named Automa-Tech, has been operating at the leading edge of technology since 1991.

Solely dedicated to the manufacturing of imaging equipment, Automa-Tech started in business by producing fully automatic soldermask (SM/PSR) and Roll-to-Roll conventional exposures (with mask).

In early 2009, after a capital restructuring and Management buy-out, Automa-Tech became Altix, Automa-Tech™ which is still being used as a trademark.

The Company is presently offering a complete range of conventional printers and Direct Imaging systems, and exports more than 95% of its production outside of France.

Altix currently consists of its Manufacturing plant in Val de Reuil – France (including R&D, Assembly, Customer Service), another assembly shop in Taiwan (only for semi-automatic contact exposures and sub-assemblies), and two Sales & Service subsidiaries; in China (two locations in Kunshan & Zhuhai), and in North America (Redmond, WA).

Imaging with us!


Launch of AcuReel. New Roll to Roll exposer dedicated to the FPC industry.


Launch of Afosa "S" specialized in Soldermask imaging with triple wavelenghts "Mach 3®"
First Adix Direct Imaging sold to Photo Chemical Milin industry


Implementation of LEDs light source in all product lines
Launch of AFOSA LEDLight™ 
Launch of XL Semi-automatic and Fully automatic
Adix Direct Imaging multiple sales to FPC & PCB industries


Implementation of LEDs light source in ACURA DSS
First sales to Solar Industry


Launch of ADIX SA. Direct Imaging with LEDs and DMDs - ALDS™
Altix North America established in USA


ALTIX moves into new low consumption factory in Val de Reuil France
Launch of the ACURA DUAL Single side


Introduction of new ACURA LEDLigth™
First mass production exposer using LED technology 
Initiation of the new concept ACURA DUAL Single side


Altix started development of low consumption exposer units:
New LEDLight™ technology concept, development of Long Life plus lamps


ALTIX Acquired Automa-Tech assets


Merger of ORC Imaging & Automa-Tech
Launched New ACURA Automatic Exposure Units at Productronica Expo


Acquired ORC Imaging Corporation, Los Angeles, California, USA


Launched Partitional Exposure Unit Evolution 3
Introduced Roll to Roll ARROW 250 for flexible circuits imaging
Established Automa-Tech Kunshan (China)
Established Automa-Tech ZhuHaï (China)
Established Automa-Tech Shanghai (China)


Introduced New ICM product for measuring and control:
ICM 200, ICM 500, ICM 2000, ICM 3000 


Established Automa-Tech Distribution Europe
New model of Semi-automatic Exposure System with full CCD registration (AFOSA)


Factory expansion (phase 3)
New generation Evolution 3 Automatic Photo Exposure System 
Established China joint-venture factory Yijing - Automa-Tech
9001-2000 Certification


Introduced at IPC Expo New "SUNSCAN" Technology (presented in IPC show)
Established of Automa-Tech Shanghaï Ltd
Introduced at Productronica new fully Automatic Unit Evolution 3


Launched Post Etch Punch and Evolution II automatic exposure system
Launched new family of Handling equipment 


Headquarters expansion
ISO 9001 Certification
Launched Glass control system
Listed in Paris New Market
Korean Market initiation


Introduced Worldwide Tele maintenance remote access Service
Over 150 automatic photo exposure units installed
Factory expansion (phase 2)


Preparation for ISO9001 certification
Moving to the new factory
Established Automa-Tech Taiwan


Construction of new factory (phase 1)
Founded Automa-Tech Inc. USA
Launched new Post Etch Punching technology
Launched new technology for Multilayers assembly


Established sales network in USA


Exports initiation phase
Established representatives in Germany and Taiwan


Launched first automatic photo exposure unit


Automa-Tech Group founded in 1991

Altix worldwide !

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