Adix SA supra

Panel / Sheet Semi-Automatic Fully-Automatic

Adix SA supra is a UV LED DMD Direct Imaging solution designed for IC Substrate and Advanced Packaging applications, utilizing ALDS-Power4+™ technology featuring 4 LEDs per photo head.
The solution is tailored high mix low and medium volume production.

Benefits & exclusive features
  • Up to 6 Photo Heads
  • DLC: Die Location Positioning Software
  • Flexible technology upgradable on site : photo heads can be added at any time 
  • Enlarge optics for High UV light power & Depth of focus
  • Intuitive & Friendly HMI
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Highly engineered temperature regulation
  • Data preprocessing in hidden time
  • Unique panel holding
  • Highest image quality
  • Vision lighting designed for different materials and finishing
  • Partitioning mode for multi panel printing
  • Machine built with appropriate selection of material
  • All in one built-in system

Adix SA supra

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Exposure Area Up to 600x600mm | Up to 23.6''x23.6''
Resolution Pattern: Design for L/S=8/8µm, Mass production with pitch of 20µm in SAP.
SolderMask: SRO 30µm
Light Engine ALDS-Power4+ Data preprocessing in hidden time
High UV Power with 4 LEDs per Photo Head


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