Adix CS / F

Panel / Sheet Fully-Automatic

The system is designed to automatically load and unload panels into an ADIX Direct Imaging system. The machine has one loading/unloading port for angular L-Rack cassette where the panels are loaded. 

It can handle all types of rigid or flex material, PCB, FPC, Metal Etching, Touch Panel… for all processes and was designed to reach the best-cost performance ratio.

This compact automation is dedicated for all resists : dry film & solder resists and upgradable on site.

Benefits & exclusive features

An automatic flip & cleaning functions are integrated. 

The system is able to handle multiple batches and different panel sizes.

  • Two 4-axis robots for panels transfer in different locations: pre-centering, cleaning, buffer stations & pick and place on Direct Imaging table. Flipping function is also provided
  • Panels sides AAA and sides BBB mode for reverse workflow with intermediate storage (buffer) 
  • 1 cassette “L-Rack” supplied (maximum panel stack loading 180mm) 
  • Rolling cart “Trolley” to handle the cassette (optional)
  • Automatic batch changes via interleave detection (optional)
  • Non exposed panels will be shifted on un-/loading cassette to be easily identified.
  • Comply with CE safety regulations 

Adix with External Automation - Standard Compact Altix All Products Range

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Up to 610 x 610mm / Cycle time of 10s per side thanks to a quick panel change
Modus AAA... to BBB... with intermediate buffer
Dedicated for all resists : Dry Film & Soldermask



Panel Thickness 0.05mm ~ 3.2mm (Optional 5mm)
Throughput Cycle time 25 sec per side
Sensors Integrated, intelligent double board detection
Integrated interleave (slip sheet) detection
Double side Flipping station with handshake


Adix SA can be incorporated with " Compact Automation " allowing full automatic operation
Up to 610 x 610mm / Cycle time of 25s per side / Optimized footprint
Modus AAA... to BBB... with intermediate buffer
Dedicated for all resists: Dry Film & Soldermask

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