Calumet Electronics (USA) Partners with ALTIX for High-Volume Direct Imaging of Soldermask

Val de Reuil, France - March 2nd 2019 -  ALTIX, a worldwide leader in UV imaging systems, is proud to announce that Calumet Electronics, a leading and well-respected PCB manufacturer in North America, has purchased two ADIX SA machines for soldermask production.

After eight years of thorough benchmarking of all available solutions, Calumet decided to bring ALTIX’s state-of-the-art digital soldermask technology as a standard manufacturing process to its customers. ALTIX direct imaging of soldermask enables improved feature realization with an all-digital manufacturing process -- significantly advancing Calumet’s ability to meet the demands of the evolving domestic marketplace, at high volume.

“Where many North American PCB manufacturers have invested in some form of direct imaging of soldermask for incidental applications, Calumet’s vision is to run 100% direct imaging as a standard soldermask process, which requires a robust, reliable, and redundant solution” explains Steve Vairo, CEO of Calumet Electronics. “ALTIX provides cost-effective and flexible equipment capable of meeting the high-capacity output requirements of Calumet Electronics.” The ALTIX solution is comprised of two ADIX SA Direct Imaging machines with ALDS-Power4™ engine utilizing 4 high power UV LEDs per photo head. “The machines come fully equipped to meet our stringent soldermask imaging requirements, but can also back-up our primary dryfilm imaging process, able to resolve features down to 25 microns (1 mil),” says Todd Brassard, VP/COO. “These machines in combination offer the flexibility, capability, and redundancy we need for 24/7 operation, providing imaging capabilities up to and including 5G-like feature realization.”

“North America is a strategic growth market for ALTIX. Calumet’s reputation combined with their decision to choose ALTIX from the many alternatives provides strong testimony for our company”, says Jérôme Van Straaten”, CEO of ALTIX. “We are pleased to work closely with Calumet’s engineering and procurement teams to design a solution that fit a wide array of requirements.”

The first ADIX SA machine will be delivered and qualified in 2019-Q2.

Founded in 1968, Calumet Electronics specializes in delivering “zero field failure” printed circuit board solutions in North America, strengthening the domestic industrial, power, aerospace, defense, medical, and commercial industries. Calumet is 100% American owned and and performs 100% of its engineering and manufacturing in the United States, zero offshoring. Calumet offers offer robust solutions with quickturn capability, high capacity production, and advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Calumet is growing through onboarding highly talented early-career engineers, continual investment in advancing manufacturing equipment, and building deep partnerships with customers and suppliers. Calumet Electronics is the safe, secure, and sustainable choice for North American supply chain.

ALTIX is a worldwide specialist in UV imaging systems with operations based in North America, Asia (China, Korea, Taiwan, India, etc…), Europe and is headquartered in France. ALTIX has been offering a wide range of conventional and direct imaging systems since 1991 and supports equipment installed on all continents.

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