On Track for 2020

Altix, a worldwide leader in UV imaging systems and based in France, marked the end of 2019 by acquiring five important sales in December.

Earlier in 2019, Altix successfully launched our new Direct Imaging machine, the Adix RtR. Three customers, based in Europe and the US, purchased our Adix RtR to enhance their manufacturing evolution, of which two sales were completed in December.  

But that’s not all! Three Contact Printer units (two Acuras and one Afosa) were sold during December in South Korea, Spain and Italy.

Altix is delighted to start 2020 with these key orders while we expand our worldwide footprint in the Direct Imaging and the conventional printer markets. Altix is quite pleased that new customers have placed their trust in us, and that our well-established customers continue to make new purchases with Altix.

Altix is looking forward to a positive new year and the opportunity to fulfill many more of our customer’s requirements by enhancing their production output in 2020, and beyond.  Altix expects to see many more orders in 2020, from all over the world!

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