Altix Receives New Order for AcuReel XL Imaging System

Altix is thrilled to receive its first order of its AcuReel XL from a major European FPC manufacturer. Dedicated to all FPC processes with an exposure area up to 500 x 1500mm, the AcuReel XL is the ideal contact exposure solution for automotive-related FPC production and other markets requesting extra-large imaging formats.

Alexis Guilbert, product manager, reveals more about the machine’s attributes: “With the production of EVs becoming mainstream, the need for high-density FPCBs is rising. From dashboard control systems to battery management systems (BMS), the automotive sector is driving innovation in imaging. A BMS not only monitors the batteries’ status but also optimizes the use of the battery cells – and this is where FPCs come into play by connecting individual cells’ sensors to the BMS. Overall, we are very proud that Altix is completely ready to satisfy this emerging market with both the AcuReel contact printers and Adix RtR direct imaging machines."

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