Altix introduces new Direct Imaging versions at Productronica 2017

The company has marketed in 2014 its Adix SA, a  UV LED DMD Direct Imaging solution based on its ALDS-Power4TM technology, which is designed with high autofocus and depth-of-focus to accurately image high resolution for lines & spaces down to 25μm and to register down to ±8μm the image to the panel on the most challenging surfaces and at the lowest cost. This solution was sold and is in production at PCB/FPC and IC substrate makers in Europe and Asia.

After this successful launch and a great experience with many customers, Altix came in 2015 with a Direct Imaging Adix SA-SM fully dedicated to Soldermask process. This new and innovative solution responds to the needs to increase the productivity when printing soldermask panels with higher energy. This new ALDS-Power4TM system will enable the productivity with the capability of the end-users to adequately select the LED wavelength among 4 (365nm, 380nm, 395nm, 405nm) for printing efficiently the soldermask with the perfect fit to Customer’s type of solder resist. 

Altix can provide several types of automation, Customized automation (like on our booth at Productronica), Pass-Through, Pass-Through & Flip and Dual-in-line versions.

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