+ 30% sales record for Altix in 2018 !

2018 has generated a 30% growth for Altix Group.

The sales turnover was 15 million Euros in 2017 and jumped to 20 million in 2018.

China is leading with 52% of the sales, followed by North America and Europe. Other Asian countries, such as India, Korea and Taiwan represent more than 10%.

2018 is also underlined thanks to a record number of equipment sold: 60 machines. To be more precise, Altix sold 35 machines for the Flexible PCB market, 13 machines concerning the Photo Chemical Milling and the last 12 equipment for the Printed Circuit Board Market.

Altix is recognized for both contact printers and Direct Imaging systems for different markets segments.

Most of the equipment delivered in 2017 were contact printers with a large Roll to Roll proportion. But the Direct Imaging machine sales have never been at such high level. In 2018, 64% of the turnover were dedicated to the Roll to Roll, 22% to the Acura and 14% to the Direct Imaging equipment.

Altix confirm a significant growth in 2018 and we are looking ahead for another one in 2019.

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