Semi-Automatic Double Sided Exposer with fully Automatic Alignment by CCD Cameras

AFOSA is designed as a single and/or double-sided Semi-Auto UV Exposure system for fine line resolution, and high mixt low and medium volume production. It can handle all types of rigid or flex material PCB, FPC, TP, Metal Etching, Thin Film Photovoltaic, etc…

Semi-Automatic double sided exposer dedicated to Inner Layers, Outer Layers, Soldermask / PSR

Exclusive features :

  • Innovative light sources (ColliLight™, LedLight™)
  • Panel size up to 610 x 762 mm (24" x 30")
  • Panel thickness up to 4 mm
  • Automatic dual glass / glass tray
  • Fully automatic camera positionning
  • 2 to 4 CCD cameras
  • Auto-alignment re-check
  • Artwork changing time < 2 minutes
  • ALTIX Imaging Suite™
  • Telemaintenance system
  • 15" touch screen

AFOSA ColliLight™   AFOSA ie LedLight™