Adix SA duo

Panel / Sheet Semi-Automatic

The Adix SA duo is the fastest dual table imaging system with a customized number of photoheads & stripes. Boasting a BeamLight™ multi-channel lightsource or 2 to 7 ALDS Power 4+ Photo Heads (upgradeable on-site)..

It is dedicated to all processes.

It can handle all types of rigid or flex material, PCB, FPC, Metal Etching, Touch Panel for dry film and soldermask / PSR.

Designed to reach the best-cost performance ratio.

Benefits & exclusive features

Semi-Automatic Direct Imaging exposer dedicated to dry film & soldermask

  • Two options for light sources:
    • BeamLight™ multi-channel - 4 wavelengths light source
    • ALDS Power 4 + Photoheads 
  • Flexible technology upgradable on site : photo heads can be added at any time 
  • Highly engineered temperature regulation
  • Fast and easy LED replacement
  • 2-side panel auto mechanical clamping system
  • Fast preprocessing service in hidden time
  • Vision lighting designed for different materials and finishing
  • Traceability : serial number, date, QR code…
  • Partitioning mode for multi panel printing
  • Machine built with appropriate selection of material
  • All in one built-in system
  • Etching offset : possible to adapt the size of printed graphic objects
  • Adjustable panel vacuum strength
  • Automatic vacuum fitting all size of panels 
  • On-the-fly front to back registration without UV lasers
  • Edge/corner panel detection

Altix Product Range

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Process Inner Layer, Outer Layer & Soldermask / PSR
Exposure Area Up to 2 x 610 x 762mm | 2 x 24 x 30’’
Resolution Dry film :15µm/15µm | 0.6/0.6 mil (L&S)
Soldermask : min DAM 25µm | 1 mil
Light Engine BeamLight™ Multi Channel - 4 Wavelengths
ALDS-Power4™ High UV Power with 4 LEDs per Photo Head



Panel Thickness 0.04mm to 6mm | 0.0016” to 0.236”
Light Engine LED Light source
Edge Roughness ±2,5µm | ±0.09mil
Depth of Focus ±200µm | ±8mils
Autofocus ±8mm | ±315mils
Exposure Spectrum 4 LEDs wavelengths per Photo Head: 365/380/395/405nm
Imaging Resist Materials All Solder & Conventional Dry Film Resists
Exposure Method Real Time Scaling & Partitioning with all kinds of fiducials
Alignment ±8μm | 0.3mil (Image to Panel Registration)
±12μm | 0.5mil (Side to Side Registration)
CCD Cameras 2 Cameras
- for Outer Layers (Alignment on 4 Holes)
- for Soldermask Registration (Alignment on 4 Copper Targets)
3 Cameras
- for Inner Layers (Alignment on 3 Fiducials)
Throughput 65s with 300mJ/cm2 resist for 457 x 610mm (18’’x 24’’) image size and with 5 Heads
Construction Stainless steel
Software Altix Suite with 22” touch screen
Data Input Extended Gerber, ODB++ (others upon request)
Air Cleanliness Hepa filter class 100
Languages English, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Korean, German, French…

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