New Bundle Machine Order from Major Chinese FPC & PCB Player

Altix is delighted to announce a significant order for both Direct Imaging and Contact Printer equipment. The bundle encompasses both panel and RtR solutions to be installed at a new plant in Jiangxi province.

Originally equipped with Roll-to-Roll Contact Printers at another plant, this major FPC/PCB manufacturer continues to place its trust in Altix’s equipment by opting for the latest exposure technology.

Combining the Acura Premium Series and Adix RtR answers the need for both mass panel production and fine-line roll-to-roll applications.

Frédéric Baradel, Altix VP, confides, “We are very pleased to further our partnership with such a complete order. Despite headwinds from Covid-19 and the associated lockdowns, our team in China is continuing to strengthen our market position”.

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