Adix: The Direct Imaging Solution of The Future

The Adix Direct Imaging machine by ALTIX is the newest and most innovative imaging system on the market today.

Here are the reasons why PCB leaders are actively replacing their current LDI with the Adix:

Multi-wavelength LED Light Source For Higher Definition & Productivity

The Adix uses a high-power 4-wavelength light source solution [365, 380, 395, 405nm] that provides more flexibility to work with all photoresists available on the market today. With the most efficient exposure power and its unique wavelength adjustment, PCB product will be exposed with the highest efficiency in terms of time and quality.


3-in-1 Imaging Solution - Solder Mask, Inner Layer & Outer Layer

The Adix can function as 3 machines in 1, fulfilling all of your imaging needs. ALTIX has designed leading market technology, enabling high-quality production for all imaging processes.


Superior Vacuum Table & Automated Clamping

The Adix panel table is designed with an adjustable vacuum and an automated clamping system that enables imaging of Flexible, Rigid-Flex, HDI, and High-Layer Printed Circuit Boards. The Adix can achieve outstanding registration and resolution results on all kind of products.


One-Click Production

The ALTIX User Interface (UI) enables one-click loading of all data, via bar code scanner. This eliminates operator error, speeds up production time, and lessens wasted material. ALTIX always strives to improve the user experience.


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