Adix SA neo

Panel / Sheet Semi-Automatic

Faster & Smarter solution : 20 to 30% productivity increase compared to Adix SA.

Adix SA neo is an UV LED DMD Direct Imaging solution for all Direct Imaging applications with high UV neo power with 4 LEDS per Photo Head. 
The solution is dedicated to high mix low and medium volume production.

It can handle all types of rigid or flex material, PCB, FPC, Photo Chemical Milling, Touch Panel… for all processes and was designed to reach the best-cost performance ratio.

Benefits & exclusive features

Semi-Automatic Direct Imaging exposer dedicated to Inner Layers, Outer Layers, Soldermask / PSR

  • From 1 to 7 Photo Heads
  • Flexible technology upgradable on site : photo heads can be added at any time 
  • Enlarge optics for High UV light power & Depth of focus
  • Intuitive & Friendly HMI
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Highly engineered temperature regulation
  • Data preprocessing in hidden time
  • Unique panel holding
  • Highest image quality
  • Vision lighting designed for different materials and finishing
  • Partitioning mode for multi panel printing
  • Machine built with appropriate selection of material
  • All in one built-in system

Adix SA neo Adix Product Range

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Process Inner Layers, Outer Layers & Soldermask / PSR
Exposure Area From 228 x 254mm up to 610 x 762mm | From 9’’x10’’ up to 24”x30”
Resolution Dry Film : 30µm/30µm | 1.2mil/1.2mil (Line & Space)
Soldermask : min Dam 30µm | 1.2mil
Productivity 20 to 30% productivity increase compared to Adix SA
Light Engine High UV neo Power with 4 LEDs per Photo Head



Panel Thickness 0.04mm to 6mm | 0.0016” to 0.236”
Resolution Down to 30μm | 1.2mil
Throughput ⩾ 6600 prints/day
Light Engine LED Light source
UV neo Power with 4 LEDs per Photo Head
Edge Roughness ±1,5µm | ±0.05mil
Depth of Focus 200µm | 8mils
Autofocus ±8mm | ±315mils
Exposure Spectrum 4 LEDs wavelengths per Photo Head: 365/380/395/405nm
Alignment ±8μm | 0.3mil (Image to Panel Registration)
±12μm | 0.5mil (Side to Side Registration)
CCD Cameras 2 Cameras
- for Outer Layers (Alignment on 4 Holes)
- for Soldermask Registration (Alignment on 4 Copper Targets)
3 Cameras
- for Inner Layers (Alignment on 3 Fiducials)

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